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So how did Bell The Ice Cream Truck ended up being inside the mall seving delicious ice cream treats? Watch this video and see for your self It will bring a smile to your face!

Bell is from the magical world of Camercie where she and Ian Coning (everyone calls him IC for short) who is her best friend and driver would driver around every day serving the people of Camercie the most amazing soft ice cream in all the kingdom.

One day while Bell and IC where hard at work serving delicious soft ice cream to the kids on one of the street of Camercie Bell's little engine broke. IC tried his best to fix her but they had to call Toby the tow truck to tow them to the place Bell slept for the night.

IC tried his best but Bell's little engine could not be fixed. Bell was so sad. She couldn't do what she loved anymore which was to serve her delicious soft ice cream treats to all the kids and adults on the streets. IC wasn't about to give up on Bell, she was his best friend they grew up together no way is he going to watch Bell suffer.

One-day IC learned about a land far far away and in this land they had these huge places where people went to shop and eat. IC went to see this place called Garden State Plaza Mall and met a nice lady that worked there. She said why don't you bring Bell The Ice Cream Truck and put here inside our mall. IC said YES thank you. She can stay in one spot at the mall and doesn't need her little engine to drive around looking for customers, the customers can come to them!

IC went back to Camercie, he had been gone a long time and Bell was feeling sad missing her friend. IC told Bell the wonderful news, all was left to do was to call Toby the tow truck so they could take Bell to her new home. Toby picked Bell up and IC jumped inside and they drove Bell to the Mall. It was a long trip and Toby was so tired pulling Bell that when they got to the Mall he could no longer pull her. IC got out and said come on Bell, I will push you in with all my might! IC was pushing Bell but he was getting tired. Bell looked at her friend struggling to push her to her new home and she realized how much IC loved and cared about her. Bell not wanting to let IC down tried to start her little engine. She tried and tried and all of a sudden her engine started. IC was amazed, he yelled Bell! Your little engine works! Bell drove herself inside the mall and parked in the spot the nice lady at the Mall told IC about.

IC and Bell started to get ready, it would be morning soon and they wanted to be prepared for all those people passing through the mall looking for a delicious treat. When the people saw Bell The Ice Cream Truck inside of the Mall they could not believe their eyes! They kept saying is that an Ice Cream Truck I see inside the Mall? IC yelled out no! It's Bell The Ice Cream Truck you see and step right up and let us serve you our delicious soft serve ice cream treats!

Everyone was so happy no one more that Bell and IC. Together they will make so many people happy and together they chose to stay inside the Mall even though Bell's little engine worked as good as new.


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Bell The Ice Cream Truck is a full service ice cream parlor featuring a classic menu intertwined with modern taste. Your ice cream will be made fresh to order the way you want it by professional servers in a unique atmosphere that is sure to bring a smile to your face and thrill to your taste buds...

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